no novian but one; a song with a mission (dolorosa_12) wrote,
no novian but one; a song with a mission

Imzy, the update

Thanks to some prodding (and an invite code from [personal profile] st_aurafina) I am now on Imzy as Dolorosa. I'm not sure I'm going to use it as a blogging platform unless I can figure out how to crosspost here, but I've joined a bunch of communities and am going to just lurk a bit until I can figure out how everything works.

So yeah, if you're on Imzy, feel free to follow me (although if your username is very different, could you let me know who you are), and also do rec me some communities.

(Also, if I were to start a comm there for Australian YA — both early stuff from my childhood, and current stuff — would anyone be interested?)

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Tags: me elsewhere
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