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A song with a mission

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no novian but one; a song with a mission
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Sticks and stones have made me smarter/ it's words that cut me under my armour
'The new. The newer newest. The newly come, no Novian but one. The newer branch of the Novian stem. No Novian but another comes to ruin you. Save yourself from that, if you think you can.'
- The Sibyl at Delphi, to Drusus Novius, in Rome Burning by Sophia McDougall.

Far from my home/ is the country I have reached
I'm Ronni, a PhD student, book-reviewer, ASNaC, sraffie, Obernetter and dreamer. Above all things, I am a reader. This blog is a mixture of journal-style entries about life, meta about books, TV series, music, films and internet culture, social justice, memes and linkspam.

I write about exile, identity and origins. I feel this is significant.
90s pop music, 90s teen movies, adele geras, american gods, andevai/cat, andevai/catherine, angevins, anne rice, arthuriana, asterion, asterion/eaving, atla, atla tv series, avatar the last airbender, being human, bitterbynde trilogy, book reviewing, buffy, buile shuibhne, calexico, canberra, canberrans, catherine jinks, cayal/arkady, chaucer, children's literature, china miéville, cirque du soleil, clever lyrics, cold fire, cold magic, constantine/sunshine, dr horrible, eleanor of aquitaine, fairytales, fantasy novels, firefly, folktales, galax arena, get medieval, his dark materials, history, immram brain, immrama, internet, internet sociology, internet usernames, ireland, isidore/babylonne, isobelle carmody, jorge luis borges, joss whedon, juliet marillier, labyrinths, linguistics, marcus novius faustus leo, marcus/una, marx brothers, massive attack, mediæval irish literature, mgmt, ministry of sound, mythology, names, neil gaiman, nerds, nightwish, nirvana, noah/weyland, pagan's crusade series, peeps, philip pullman, plantagenets, pnau, presh/allyman, quirkiness, reading, regurgitator, robin hood, roma sub rosa, romanitas, rumer godden, sara douglass, scott pilgrim/ramona flowers/knives chau, scott westerfeld, scott/ramona/knives, sokka, sokka/suki/toph, steven saylor, strawpeople, sulien, sunshine, the pogues, tide lords, tomorrow series, troh, troy game, uglies trilogy, una, vampire chronicles, vampires, van she, victor kelleher, watchmen comic, watchmen film, webcomics, whispering no, word origins, writing, ya literature

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